Hello.  My name is Heidi.  I am a nurse by day – critical care and emergency for all you adrenaline junkies out there – although I’m currently taking some time off to settle into our new home in the Big Apple.  Yup, I love to be right in the middle of all the chaos – just don’t get me wrong – I always hope for good outcomes.  So now you are wondering where photography comes into play.  Well, my father purchased a Nikon D5200 in January of 2015, receiving it only 2 weeks prior to his passing.  He absolutely loved photography and I’m sure was more excited than anything to have this new toy.  I took his camera and decided to do what I thought would make him most happy – put it to use!  *Interesting side note – his name was Al and my website was named after him using those two letters.*   I love playing around with the camera and learning how to create beautiful images.  Yes dad – I thank you for this among many other things…

On to less dramatic discussion – my husband is finishing his surgical training, currently a Fellow, at NYU Langone in NYC.  SO – we now get to share an amazing journey filled with delicious food and endless entertainment for the next year.  We married just last September 19 and, thankfully, did not need to do much adjusting to married life.  We are animal lovers and huge foodies, willing to try just about anything you put in front of us!  

Anywho – take a look around my site and leave me a message if you like.  I have digital images and prints for sale and will continually upload them as I capture and edit.  Have a wonderful day!